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NC300-2518 Vertical Die Spotting Press


NC300-2518 hydraulic die spotting press is mainly used in adjusting and maintenance of plastic mold and hardware molds. Its spotting force reaches 300T and working bench 2500×1800. It absorbs essence of the same product at home and abroad which takes a lot of tine. Automatic NC300-2518 hydraulic die spotting press initiates a revolution in mold industry as it replaces the traditional fitting form of knocking by copper bar, which greatly improves efficiency and precision.

Types of die spotting machine:


  • 1. Core hydraulic pressure source confirms the operation of each hydraulic cylinder equipped onto metal die.
  • 2. Security guarantee
    Installing sensors on the front and back side of hydraulic die spotting press will prevent accidents caused by carelessness and mistakes.
  • 3. Installing a mobile block can prevent metal die falling down when inverted.
  • 4. Low energy consumption
    NC300-2518 hydraulic die spotting press greatly reduces energy consumption and exhaust heat compared with traditional methods through inverter control of the main electric motor.

Components of hydraulic die spotting press:

Front viewSide view


Model NC300-2518 hydraulic die spotting press
Max spotting force(T) 300
Max lifting force(T) 80
Die opening space(mm) 2100
Size of working bench(mm) 2500×1800
Bearing capacity of upper working bench(T) 10
Bearing capacity of lower working bench(T) 25
Suction force of upper magnetic disk(T) 245
Suction force of lower magnetic disk(T) 80
Fast up/down speed(mm/s) 70/80
Slow up/down speed(mm/s) 25
Eject capacity(T) 12
Eject stroke(mm) 200
Out stroke of lower working bench(mm) 4000
Motor power(KW) 22
Total height of machine(H)(mm) 7040
Land area of machine(mm) 7300×6200
Weight of machine(T) 55

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