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NC400-3020 Vertical Die Spotting Press


NC400-3020 vertical die tryout press is used in adjusting and maintenance of die and mold. It is faster, more precise, more reliable, compared with traditional die spotting machine. NC400-3020 vertical die tryout press has spotting force 400T and working bench 3000×2000. Besides, the die spotting machine adopts electric magnetic chuck, which greatly improves work efficiency. Our company is the only one that uses the advanced technology, electric magnetic chuck.


  • 1. High precision
    Hydraulic system adopts vibration-absorption facilities, to reduce hydraulic impact and ensure precision of facilities.
  • 2. NC400-3020 vertical die tryout press is equipped with low-pressure protection facilities, to prevent damages caused by collision and insertion.
  • 3. Good red lead can be achieved because impact is produced by die spotting with high speed.
  • 4. NC400-3020 vertical die tryout press is equipped with perfect safety facilities to ensure men’s security, like safety grating, anti-falling oil cylinder, locking cylinder and safety supporting frame and other protection facilities.
Anti-falling facilities Locking facilities
Safety supporting facilities Rating protection


Front viewSide view


Model NC400-3020 vertical die tryout press
Max spotting force(T) 400
Max lifting force(T) 100
Die opening space(mm) 2600
Size of working bench(mm) 3000×2000
Bearing capacity of upper working bench(T) 18
Bearing capacity of lower working bench(T) 40
Fast up/down speed(mm/s) 80/80
Slow up/down speed(mm/s) 25
Eject capacity(T) 15
Eject stroke(mm) 200
Out stroke of lower working bench(mm) 4400
Motor power(KW) 37
Total height of machine(H)(mm) 7850
Land area of machine(mm) 8100×7000
Weight of machine(T) 80

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