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NC500-3525 Vertical Die Spotting Press


NC500-3525 vertical die spotting press is mainly applied in adjusting and maintenance of mold and die. With spotting force 500T, working bench 3500×2500, the die try-out press is especially suitable for middle and large die. Besides, NC500-3525 vertical die spotting press supports electric magnetic chuck and it can greatly save time and labor. Thus our machine takes advantage over traditional die try-out press.


  • 1. High precision and small deformation
    Upper and lower working benches and guide rails of pressure-plate vertical die spotting press are made from nodular cast iron, with advantages of sound flatness, high precision and small deformation.
  • 2. The machine is equipped with servo controlled micro-inching system.
  • 3. It has 180 degree slide tilt system.
  • 4. NC500-3525 vertical die spotting press supports safety facilities ensure operator’s security.
Anti-falling facilities Locking facilities
Safety supporting facilities Rating protection


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Model NC500-3525vertical die spotting press
Max spotting force(T) 500
Max lifting force(T) 1220
Die opening space(mm) 2700
Size of working bench(mm) 3500×2500
Bearing capacity of upper working bench(T) 25
Bearing capacity of lower working bench(T) 50
Fast up/down speed(mm/s) 80/100
Slow up/down speed(mm/s) 25
Eject capacity(T) 15
Eject stroke(mm) 200
Out stroke of lower working bench(mm) 5250
Motor power(KW) 45
Total height of machine(H)(mm) 8700
Land area of machine(mm) 8700×7300
Weight of machine(T) 110

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