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Fitting Series for Die Spotting Press Machine


We also can provide some kinds of related fitting series for die spotting press machine. They are workbench and guide rail, electrical control element, disk, oil cylinder and hydraulic valve.

Workbench and Guide Rail

Workbench Guide Rail

The workbench and guide rail for die spotting press machine is made up of nodular cast iron and the surface is scraped by hand with high precision flatness and small deflection.

Electrical Control Element



All of the electrical control elements for die spotting press machine are come from Mitsubishi, Fuji, Omron ect.   The technology for electromagnetic disk came from Germany with the performances of strong magnetic force, constant magnetic force without electric support, safe and power saving.

Oil Cylinder and Hydraulic Valve

Oil Cylinder Oil Cylinder Hydraulic Valve

Our oil cylinder is made by Sichuan Yangtze River Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. And our hydraulic valve is made by Yuci Oil Research Company.